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We are THE PEOPLE’S NEWSPAPER.  We welcome tips and articles from from anyone expressing any political point of view.  Some of what we print will be very upsetting to you; you may discover that your government and political party has betrayed you (or your suspicions may be confirmed).  We already have a team of over 30 people of integrity that are committed to revealing the truth.  We are self perpetuating and we are growing.  We are in partnership with other publications in other areas of the the country.  We fund our publication mainly through advertising but if those advertisers do not operate with integrity we will ban them from our publication.  We investigate, we offer plans for better government and we attack bad government practices.

I founded this newspaper because my children were abducted for two plus years and the government offered me no help.  In fact, bad actors in the government and politics intentionally thwarted the safe return of my children.  This is not some wild “conspiracy theory” site; our mission is to purify government and expose government and political conspiracy bad acts and deep corruption.

As you learn the truths we reveal, one frightening truth will keep you awake at night, have you join us, and support our cause:  GOVERNMENT HAS HIJACKED OUR COUNTRY, THE PARTIES HAVE HIJACKED OUR GOVERNMENT, and SPECIAL INTERESTS and BAD PLAYERS HAVE HIJACKED OUR PARTIES.  Citizens are no longer in control of government; our mission is to get YOU and your children and grandchildren in control of government.

In the name of Liberty, Justice and Prosperity,

Greg Fischer, Publisher 

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The Political Patriot investigates allegations of government and political corruptions and exposes it to the public.

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